GWT 2 "Debugging and Compiling" FAQ missing

The GWT compiler has several options that can be used to customize the build process. There are two trivial ways to get the option list:
  • by running the com.google.gwt.dev.Compiler class without arguments
  • reading the Debugging and Compiling part of the offiicial documentation
I naively thought that the second would be easier but surprisingly it isn't :)

The GWT 2 documentation is missing the link to the page which deals with this topic:


The page is there but it is not listed in the left menu for some reason. Also, it doesn't seem to be updated because it still references the options of the 1.7 compiler.

Just for future reference, here are the compiler options/arguments of the GWT 2.0.0 compiler :)

Compiler [-logLevel level] [-workDir dir] [-gen dir] [-style style] [-ea] [-XdisableClassMetadata] [-XdisableCastChecking] [-validateOnly] [-draftCompile] [-compileReport] [-localWorkers count] [-war dir] [-extra dir] module[s]


-logLevel The level of logging detail: ERROR, WARN, INFO, TRACE, DEBUG, SPAM, or ALL
-workDir The compiler's working directory for internal use (must be writeable; defaults to a system temp dir)
-gen Debugging: causes normally-transient generated types to be saved in the specified directory
-style Script output style: OBF[USCATED], PRETTY, or DETAILED (defaults to OBF)
-ea Debugging: causes the compiled output to check assert statements
-XdisableClassMetadata EXPERIMENTAL: Disables some java.lang.Class methods (e.g. getName())
-XdisableCastChecking EXPERIMENTAL: Disables run-time checking of cast operations
-validateOnly Validate all source code, but do not compile
-draftCompile Enable faster, but less-optimized, compilations
-compileReportCreate a compile report that tells the Story of Your Compile
-localWorkers The number of local workers to use when compiling permutations
-war The directory into which deployable output files will be written (defaults to 'war')
-extra The directory into which extra files, not intended for deployment, will be written
module[s] Specifies the name(s) of the module(s) to compile

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